REALLY: Domestically Abused Teacher Fired

As I was researching information on board of directors, executive directors and program directors- one of my projects this week- I came across this story. I believe this is totally wrong AND inappropriate! While feeling sympathy and disgust- I have to say that 5% of me is conflicted. ONLY because the showing up of the husband caused parents and administrators to be concerned with the safety of their children. Like I said, although I think it was wrong for her to be fired and her children expelled, you still have to take into consideration the fear this incident evoked in the parents and administrators.

What are your thoughts???

Media Monday: What’s Love Got To Do With It Part 2

I LOVE the song in this scene!!! In this scene Ike becomes upset with the way Tina is recording the song and smacks her around and rapes her. I do want to point out though that Tina Turner and Ike both said that this never happened; it was a movie and many things were fictionalized for dramatic effect. But, she did say that after Ike would physically abuse her that they would have sex and it felt like rape.

Media Monday: What’s Love Got To Do With It Part 1

Today’s media comes to you from What’s Love Got To Do With It. This is one of my all time favorite movies mainly because of the singing! Once again this is a movie that I watched as a child (it came out when I was 3, but I’m not sure when I 1st watched it) and as I got older I began to look at it differently and notice things I hadn’t before. Now unlike The Color Purple, watching this movie as a child I knew that what Ike was doing to Tina was completely wrong. This clip shows Ike forcing Tina Turner to eat cake while they were in a diner. She tells him that she doesn’t want the cake and after he forces it on her she throws ice in his face. Tina’s friend, Jackie, tries to reason with Ike not to hit Tina and he ends up hitting her instead. This scene is FAMOUS among the people I know! For as long as I can remember, anytime someone brings up Tina Turner or Ike you can be sure that you are gonna hear “Eat the cake Anna Mae” *__*

Media Monday: The Color Purple

Ok, we’ve reached the last day of April which means it’s the last day of Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month and I’m happy to bring you the last installment in the series of sexual assault videos. Today’s media comes from The Color Purple. It’s  amazing to find movies that fit the themes I’m researching now and realize that I use to watch these movies as a child or even when I was younger than what I am now and I never picked up on the true message. The Color Purple came out in 1982, 8 years before I was born, and I can tell you with little doubt that I’m positive that I watched this movie before I even turned 8. I’m more than positive that I wasn’t affected by the rape scenes in the movie at that age, but it’s a little scary to admit that I’ve watched The Color Purple within the last 4 years and still didn’t absorb the importance of the scenes…but now that I have to “actively” look for these themes I’m seeing them everywhere *__*  I couldn’t find a “perfect” clip to use for today because it IS The Color Purple and you just have to watch it in it’s entirety 😉 So I’ll just leave you with this clip…enjoy *__*

Media Monday: Precious Part 7

This is the last clip I have for you today *__* In this scene, Precious tells her classmates and teacher that she is HIV+. This is a very emotional scene. Ms. Rain ( Paula Patton), tells Precious that she loves her and we realize that Precious has normalized all of the negative things that have happened to her in her life.