Etsy Excitement!

Our Etsy shop name is Safety Net by helperbee.

As you may have read, we are in the process of becoming a non-profit corporation so that we may establish a transition home here. Let me tell you, it’s expensive. Not only is the application long, tedious, and confusing, but it also requires a big fat $800 fee to go with it. That’s $800 that can’t be spent on services or assistance for clients. Instead of taking away from what we are offering to those immediately in need, we decided to try to raise the money elsewhere. This Etsy store is the first idea. I started it with some of my own crochet creations but community members have expressed a great interest in donating handmade items for purchase. That means we can raise money AND increase community involvement. YAY. It’s secretly my hope that maybe somewhere down the line residents of the transition home can take over the project and contribute their own goods. I foresee nothing but good things from this venture. That is, as long as someone is interested in buying these things…

 BU T WAIT, there’s more! Because we are  a brand new Etsy shop and there are so many wonderful things available out there, I decided to offer a coupon code on this blog. For the next two weeks (2/9/12 to 2/23/12) you can receive 10% off your order by entering ANEWSTART at checkout. Pretty sweet, right? Plus, you’re still helping people in need. Double awesome.

If the link pictured above doesn’t work, please visit I’m more than happy to take requests, custom orders, recommendations, and even criticisms. Bring it on!

Thanks for your continued support. Here goes nothing!



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