A Woman’s Guide to Women is a great humor and advice blog about relationships. Here is a letter written by the author Sharideth Smith, reminding women (and men) what makes a REAL man.

dear ladies,

it has come to my attention that there is some confusion about what a real man looks/acts like.  i realize many of you are about to jump on the “but every woman defines that differently!” wagon o’ doom, and you’re right.  they do.  but they shouldn’t, because it’s dumb.

for those of you still reading, congratulations, you are highly intelligent and very attractive.

for those of you who left because i said you’re dumb, later gators.

p.s.  i didn’t say you’re dumb, i said the way you define a real man is dumb.  big difference.  not that it matters, because you’re not here and i am now writing to entertain myself.

for those of you who carry around a list of what you want in a man on a piece of paper, in your head or are wearing it on a sandwich board, scrap it.  burn it.  gouge…

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